Trump is not “the King of Israel” nor “the second coming of God.” But is he the chosen one?

 By Josiah Espinoza | August 22nd, 2019 

On August 21st, 2019, President Donald Trump tweeted out a series of tweets that caused great controversy among Christians throughout the United States. Wayne Allen Root, a radio personality, praised Trump for his relationship with the Nation of Israel and the bold stance he has taken to support Israel’s existence. The tweet goes as follows:

Though it is true that the President himself did not say these words, the fact that the President accepted them as “very nice words” and then retweeted them on his own Twitter account for the world to see is very troubling and blasphemous. Why is it blasphemous? Two reasons. Trump is not the King of Israel and he is not the second coming of God.

Trump is not the King of Israel

Though this quote alone is not troubling, it is nevertheless alarming when taking into account the very next statement “They love him like he is the second coming of God.” Had the quote only contained, “they love him like he’s the King of Israel”, I do not believe these quotes would have caused such an uproar in the Christian community. Since the former statement is followed by the latter, one cannot help but read messianic symbolism into the statement.

Trump is not the King of Israel, in fact, he is not the King of America, of his family, nor of his life. God and God alone is King over Trump, over America and over Israel. As the Sovereign King, God sent his only Son Jesus Christ to die on cross in order that through Jesus, God would show the world that God is indeed King of the Jews and the Gentiles. In fact, as Jesus was dying on the cross, over his head they hung a sign that stated the crime he was being crucified for, it read “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews” (Mat. 27:37). It is blasphemous to appropriate the divine title of “King of Israel” to a man, for the God-Man Jesus is the only one who rightly deserves that title. Trump may be a “king” on this earth, he may have authority to rule over America for a season, he may be thought of as the “king of Israel” by some, President Trump may even accept those praises himself, but any authority he does have is only given to him by God and the President will be held accountable before God one day. (Dn. 2:21; Jn. 19:11) So no, Trump is not the King of Israel, that title belongs to the Son of God alone.

Trump is not the Second Coming of God

This statement is utterly blasphemous. Pres. Trump must repent of accepting this statement. He must fall before God Almighty, in fear and trembling and give glory to God because he is blatantly accepting praise that rightly belongs to the Holy Son of God, Jesus Christ. The very fact that he accepted those words as “nice words” reveals several things to me: (1) Pres. Trump does not know the Scriptures, (2) Pres. Trump does not have the fear of God in him and (3) his acceptance of this praise will be judged by God. In the book of Acts there is a king called king Herod. In Acts 12:21-23 Herod is pictured as just having finished a public oration and the following scenario is described in the Bible:

On an appointed day Herod put on his royal robes, took his seat upon the throne, and delivered an oration to them. 22 And the people were shouting, “The voice of a god, and not of a man!” 23 Immediately an angel of the Lord struck him down, because he did not give God the glory, and he was eaten by worms and breathed his last. ~Acts 12:21-23

Notice that the words spoken were not king Herod’s words, but the people’s words. Notice that Herod did not retweet them, he didn’t send out a decree saying that he had the voice of a god. Herod simply accepted the praise of the people and yet the Lord judged him for receiving glory that rightly belonged to God. I am not saying that Pres. Trump will be struck down in the next couple days or years, but what I am saying is that God does not share his glory with anyone or anything (Is. 42:8) and the President should tremble before God for having received glory that rightly belongs to God alone.

It is blasphemy to let anyone call you the second coming of God. It is blasphemy to even hint at it. The glory of the second coming of God belongs to Christ alone and he alone is worthy of praise and honor. When he returns to judge the living and the dead every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord over all. Any person that allows another to tell them that they are “loved like the second coming of God” should immediately fall on their face in fear, point that person to Christ and worship God, but President Trump did not do that. He accepted the praise that rightly belongs to the Holy Son of God. Even the angles do not accept any praise or worship from man for fear of robbing God of what rightly belongs to Him. (Rev. 22:9) President Trump must repent before God lest he inquire the wrath of God on his head.

President Trump is the Chosen One?

In another controversial statement President Trump called himself the “Chosen One” when being interviewed by some main stream media news outlets.

When he looks into the sky and says, “I am the chose one,” what does he mean? Is he the chosen one? Simple answer: yes.

Yes he is chosen because God is sovereign and God used the 2016 Election to establish Trump as the president of the United States. Trump would not be President if God did not want him to be President, but in God’s sovereign plan he put President Trump in power for a season. In Daniel 2:21 it says that God “removes kings and establishes kings”, Trump is no different. Why did God choose Trump? This is still unknown to us. Nevertheless, it is the Christian’s duty to pray for his salvation, to pray that he lead America faithfully and in the fear of the Lord, and to call out blasphemy when it is spoken or tweeted. Pray for our leaders, pray that President Trump will find Jesus to be a perfect Savior, that he will bow the knee to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and give all the glory to God in everything that he does.

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