Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Christian: Proverbs 1:8-9 (Day 6)

Josiah Espinoza | June 17th, 2019 

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck. ~Proverbs 1:8-9

“hear, my son, your father’s instruction”- Solomon was the king of Israel and as the king it was commanded of him to rule with the law by his side.[1] In the law he would find God’s instructions on how to rule and govern his people. Solomon’s wisdom came from studying, reading and memorizing the law of God, much like his father David.[2] Here Solomon is now giving to his son, the future king, instruction on how to wisely rule and reign over himself and the kingdom of Israel. What an example Solomon gives us that he would take seriously his responsibility to train his son in the instruction he obtained from the Lord. My father was also a great example of this. He held family devotionals with us, explained to us what it means to fear the Lord and to search for salvation from our sin through Jesus Christ. He has been a faithful pastor and preacher of the word for over 20 years. He taught me the value of hard work, responsibility, punctuality and love through his words and deeds. And all his work and instruction has brought about fruit for the Kingdom of God because his children are following the Lord. Fathers, train your sons and daughters in the instruction of God.  My wife and I go through catechisms with our children, teaching them the basic tenants of the faith. As they grow older, we will teach them grander and loftier truths because if we do not we will have to go before the Lord on these matters. As a father I am held responsible for the growth and development of my children. This means that I am responsible for my own growth in the knowledge and wisdom of God and it is yours too. If we are not giving ourselves over to our Heavenly Father’s instruction, how will we train our children?

“and forsake not your mother’s teaching”- Growing up, the person I learned most from was my mother. She was a homemaker. She stayed at home my whole childhood teaching me all kinds of different things. She taught me the fear of the Lord, the glories of the gospel, responsibility, kindness, trustworthiness, faithfulness, etc. It is so shameful that the role of mother and homemaker is despised and frowned upon. Of course the rejection of the role comes from a rejection of the statutes of God and his ordained way in which a home should flourish and function. Mothers, embrace your calling! You are forming disciples in your home. You are molding men and women to be godly, righteous and just. Do not forsake your own teachings from your Heavenly Father. You are a daughter of the King; you are royalty in his kingdom. Do not let some secular and immoral women persuade you otherwise. Your value is not in your career, power, wealth or notoriety, it is in the Lord and your children shall be the testimony of your work and dedication to the things of the Lord.

“for they are a graceful garland for your head”- Like a crown placed upon a kings head portraying his power and splendor are the teachings of a godly father and mother to their child’s mind. Teach your children and their minds shall be prepared for the trials and joys of life. As they become men and women you will see your graceful garland of godly instruction being manifested in their words and lives. The world will see them crowned with wisdom, dignity, honor and righteousness.

“and pendants for your neck”- The beauty of jewelry is only temporal, but the beauty of wisdom and instruction is eternally precious. A gold chain accentuates the outward appearance, but the wise instruction of a father and mother internally fortify the inner man and woman. What good is it buy your children the finest clothes, jewelry and technological gadgets if they are fools, lazy, haters of God and ruthless toward their neighbors? Train them to be inwardly graceful and they will live well.

[1] Dt. 17:18-20.

[2] Psalm 1:1-2.

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